Complementary technologies and solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers

We provide assistance to sales, analysis, efficiency, and marketing departments for almost 200 pharmaceutical companies, connecting them with pharmacies and wholesalers. We supply pharmaceutical industry with state-of-the-art technology, CRM and SFA systems, as well as advanced analytics. We build data warehouses, pharmacies and medical doctors databases and provide direct marketing and consultancy services.

Management Support Systems

Plan and report your visits, browse through meetings history, or send and monitor orders.


Use our proprietary IT system to manage your relations with pharmacies, wholesalers, and doctors.


Enable automatic transfer of orders through a solution tailored to the needs of your sales department.



Use the Contracts module to track contractual arrangements between drug manufacturers and pharmacy chains.


Analytical concept

Create strategies that bring profits to your company. Analytics app supplies you with reliable data from your business and the market.
Its intuitive interface grants you quick and convenient access to your current sales results. Our data warehouse supports reports visualisation via popular analytical solutions, such as Google Data Studio, Tableau, or Power BI. We offer up-to-date market data in an accessible layout available for any device.

Analytics App

FarmaProm Analytics App, complete with a superuser feature, is a convenient and efficient solution for quick viewing of current sales results.

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Dedicated Data Warehouse

We offer optimised data warehousing for analytics and data mining. We provide support modelling, building, and maintenance processes of dedicated data warehouses.

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Gain access to data that will ramp up the efficiency of your analyses. Discover the products and services in our analytics portfolio.

Dedicated Reports

We design and prepare fully automated reports, as well as ETL tools and processes that assist in acquisition of report data from external sources.

Discounts Settlement

This service allows for comparative analysis of sales data from various sources and compiling them a single location. Analysis results are then presented in an clear manner.


We create segmentations that give you precious business insight and increase your reach to doctors and pharmacies with the highest potential. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support in building sales teams and supply individualised market analyses.

Pharmacies Segmentations

Access information on market potential of pharmacies and pharmacy chains and gain precious business insight.

Doctors Segmentation

Practical knowledge on MDs with the highest potential in terms of specific disorders.


We own one of Poland’s most precise databases covering pharmacies and doctors across all specialisations. We offer data on medical institutions, nurses and midwives, pharmacists, and other medical staff. We also provide a secure system of obtaining consents for remote communication with medical and pharmaceutical staff.

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Direct Marketing and Market Research

Our MDs and pharmacies database allows for communication with medical and pharmaceutical milieus. Our channels of communication include direct mail, email, as well as SMS and MMS messaging.

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