We have an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and have experience form 2006 in creating solutions, which is appreciated from almost 200 pharmaceutical companies from around the world.

Now we create the future


In 2006, three friends, Michael, Paul and Monika all associated with the pharmaceutical industry recognised the need of change to the current method of movement of pharmaceutical orders.

Together they invented Poland’s first modern solution that has rapidly gained popularity in the pharmaceutical business by replacing time-consuming and impractical transferring orders by fax.

Over time as we grow, more people have joined them creating the FarmaProm that we know today. We are now more than 160 people.

With great strength and determination along with faith in people, the company has strengthened its position in the industry by developing its idea to provide a professional CRM tool.

With time, more companies have joined FarmaProm and assisted in providing comprehensive solutions for the needs of the market, both in Poland and abroad.

Today FarmaProm offering business solutions in the areas of marketing, training, business analysis and management.



Every year, together we prepare the ‘Noble Christmas Package’ and we believe that the additional support provided makes just a few more faces smile.


We are trying to help and make a difference in helping orphaned children’s dreams come true.