Who we are

Our team features over 190 exceptional professionals based in four Polish cities: Kraków, Poznań, Mysłowice, and Warszawa. Our working environment is founded upon trust and respect. We rely on cutting-edge technologies to carry out our mission of deploying high quality solutions that facilitate distribution of medications to millions of patients.

A Company on a Mission

Back in 2006, when setting out on its revolutionary mission to digitalise pharma industry, all that FarmaProm was, was just the three founding workers: Monika, Paweł, and Michał. Yet, the idea of the Kraków-based start-up, i.e. to build an independent on-line platform, has brought together the entire Polish pharmaceutical industry and transported it into the digital age.

Our Track Record


FarmaProm is founded

We deliver SFA and CRM solutions that support cooperation with pharmacies to pharmaceutical market.


Medical CRM added to our product portfolio

Harnessing technological advancement to respond to users’ needs we deploy a mobile app.


Medical Doctors Database

We join forces with HDM company, owner of medical doctors databases in Poland. This gives us independence in developing products that facilitate collaboration with the medical milieu.


The Power of Analytics

Merger with eTAP company, the creator of a pharma-dedicated analytics app, further secures our position as industry’s leading supplier of IT solutions.


Solutions Tailored for Pharmacies and Pharmacy Chains

Expanding our product portfolio, we introduce consultancy and market survey and segmentation services, as well as the IT Apteka app dedicated to pharmacies and pharmacy networks.


Monolithic Brand

We trust in synergy and comprehensiveness across all fields of our activities. We begin to style FarmaProm as a single brand.


Analyses and Reports

We deploy FarmaProm’s professional data warehouse on the market that builds on our big data-driven experience and powers state-of the-art analyses and reporting.


Technological Balance

Answering to the changing reality, we bring new solutions to the market that enable safe communication with the medical milieu and pharmacies in the face of COVID-19 pandemic. Among other things, we add remote visits to our product range.


Pursuing Constant Growth

We develop and provide our clients with innovative, machine learning-based solutions.


Artificial Intelligence

Developing technologies from the field of machine learning, we are redefining the efficiency of thousands of representatives in Poland. We are implementing mobile FarmaProm functionalities that intuitively and conveniently inform, among other things, the potential of pharmacies and the chance to place an order.


Discover the world of FarmaProm and learn about the values that drive us.


“Development is an incessant pursuit to reach a peak that simply does not exist.
The idea behind growth is not, in fact, to reach the summit. It is about ceaselessly pushing towards a higher purpose while rejecting complacency about the things that we’ve already discovered.”
~ Michał


“Responsibility is the internal imperative to make good on promises. To be responsible is to be emotionally committed to seeing things through until the end.”

~ Karolina


“We create value through team work, by blending knowledge and experience. We change and improve our products by tuning in to the needs of the market.”

~ Ania


“I value the work at FarmaProm because of the openness to dialogue (on both pleasant and difficult matters), which gives me a sense of safety. This value is indispensable for building professional and social relations.”

~ Krzysztof


“At FarmaProm we believe that the world pays you back with what you give. We enjoy helping and love sparking a positive chain reaction that inspires others to do the same. We encourage kindness, happiness and laughter, and we’re having a great time while doing it.”

~ Kasia

FarmaProm in Figures


the number of orders transmitted through our transaction system in 2022.


MD’s in our database. Our services allow you to reach them easily. Click here and check doctors and pharmacies map.


pharmacies in Poland. All of them are part of our daily updated and improved database. Click here and check doctors and pharmacies map.


pharmaceutical manufacturers use our services. We work with all major wholesalers in Poland.

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