Medical & Pharmaceutical CRM

Manage your relations with doctors, pharmacies, and wholesalers effortlessly.

A comprehensive system for professional management of client relationships, such as pharmaceutical wholesalers, individual pharmacies, and pharmacy chains. FarmaProm CRM allows you to plan visits and meetings, report your performance and browse history of your contacts with particular clients.

Stay in touch with pharmacists and doctors

User-friendly and flexible CRM that facilitates managing and building relations with medical milieu (i.e. doctors, medical centres, and medical staff).

FarmaProm Mobile App for Every Sales Rep

For maximum mobility and functionality

FarmaProm mobile app is a natural extension of the CRM system that makes field work easier and more efficient for thousands of representatives. Reps’ field activities, ranging from visits to orders, can now be reported in real time.

CRM FarmaProm

Plan, report, analyze

Responding to changing working environment, we’ve introduced a remote visits tool for holding on-line meetings. The mobile version features a CLM module that allows holding interactive multimedia presentations and collecting any data or feedback gathered during these presentations.

CRM FarmaProm aplikacja mobilna

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