Sales Force Automation (SFA)

The most popular SFA system in the Polish pharmaceutical industry

We’ve enabled systemic placing of orders (both individual and promotional bundles) and transferring them electronically to recipients, i.e. wholesalers. This, in turn, allowed for tracing and controlling the process throughout particular steps.

Efficient order transmission to wholesalers

Web and mobile apps allow planning and reporting of medical and pharmacy visits. They send orders from pharmacies to pharmaceutical wholesalers for processing, monitor order status, and access our databases. This solution also works great in related industries, such as cosmetics or FMCG.

Co-responsible for the pharmaceutical market

Our transactions system handles orders that represent around 30% of value of the entire Polish pharmaceutical market. Orders sent through our system can reach any point authorised to sell medicines in Poland.

FarmaProm IT dla farmacji

Millions of orders annually

Each year, we transfer millions of orders on behalf of pharmacies through the FarmaProm platform.  In 2021 we transferred as many as 10 513 283 of them. Your products can reach any point responsible for selling medicines in Poland.

FarmaProm obsługuje miliony zamówień
Zamówienia FarmaProm

Easy application – always at hand

Zamówienia FarmaProm

The mobile version of the FarmaProm app, available for Android and iOS, includes functionalities essential to the daily work of pharmaceutical and medical representatives.

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Where to get the Order

Machine learning and data to make sales teams more effective

With the technologies we create and the data we collect, we are creating the future of rep work in Poland. Where to Order is a functionality in SFA FarmaProm’s mobile system that increases the effectiveness of each representative’s visit to a pharmacy. The application will indicate pharmacies along with the level of potentials and chances for the representative to place an order.

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Gdzie po Zamówienie FarmaProm

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