Dedicated Data Warehouse

We know how and where to store data from various sources

We are skilled in simple and friendly way of collecting and transforming data from various sources. Our technical and analytical skills also translate into the ability to create advanced analyses.

What is a Dedicated Data Warehouse?

A Dedicated Data Warehouse is a centrally-managed and integrated database that gathers data from organisations’ operational sources and systems. The database that the warehouse is built on holds data that can be used for analyses and may be accessed directly by its users.

Why Google Cloud Platform?




Versatile front-end

Low initial and operating costs

Full history

High speed

What are we offering?

  • support to modelling, building, and maintenance processes of dedicated data warehouses;
  • drawing up and maintaining fully automated reports that integrate data from multiple fields, such as transaction data, data from pharmacy chains, exFactory, plans, objectives, and many others;
  • front-end tools consultancy, supply, and training;
  • designing data warehouse and data marts schematics adjusted to all types of data;
  • support for ETL processes and maintenance of dimensions.

Automated reports

As part of our services we also draw up fully automated reports that integrate data from various fields.

  • Wholesalers: stocks, sales, and discount settlements;
  • Chains: stocks and sales;
  • Manufacturers: exFactory, field data from multiple sources;
  • FarmaProm: sales, visits, activities.

Would you like to test the capabilities of advanced analytics?

Got questions? We’re here to answer!

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