Let FarmaProm carry you away!

The more the merrier, the simpler, the better. We thrive in a healthy, collaborative environment. We care about others and ourselves. We’re open, helpful, charged with positive energy. On top of that we do enjoy a challenge.

It’s the spirit that we trust in!

The team spirit, that is. It’s with us, day in day out. It allows us to understand different viewpoints, share knowledge, and constantly raise the bar (yet, without leaving anyone behind).

Wearing our heart on our sleeve

We organise our own charitable initiatives, such as planting trees, The Teddy Bear Run (Bieg Miśków), Christmas auctions, and sports events. We also join others in, e.g. collecting PET bottle caps or animal welfare projects.

Is that what you do too? Hop on the team!

Talent Hunt

We’re looking for talented people. Join us! Send us CV, and once we start looking for new faces for a job that matches your skill set, we’ll let you know.

Send CV

Recruitment Process Overview


Let’s get to know each other

Your CV will tell us about your experience. If it matches our needs, we’ll call you. Be ready for an interview. Take a look at our social media to learn a bit more about our company.


Let’s meet!

We like diversity! Every department, and there’s quite a few of these, looks different—and so does each recruitment process. For instance, if you want to join the IT, before we meet at the office, you’re likely to be asked to do some kind of a task. Once you do it, we’ll move on. During the interview you’ll meet your team leader and a HR representative. Among other things, we’ll discuss knowledge, practical experience, expectations, and requirements. The interview will take up to 120 minutes.


Worth a shot

You too believe that you need to test things before you deploy them to production? We do. So the next step will be to invite you over for a demo day at your team. You’ll get to see what the daily work, the products, the tech, and the codes look and feel like.


Time for an answer

Regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process, you’ll receive a phone call or an email with our feedback.


Birthday leave

Bonus days off

Achievement puzzles

Integration events

Flexible worktime

Training budget

New technologies

Recommended, rewarded

Multisport card

Health insurance

Justyna Stasiaczek

Senior recruiter | employer branding specialist

Sylwia Kunecka

HR partner

Julia Stasiaczek

HR & recruitment specialist

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