Doctors Segmentation

We can help you achieve your sales goals

FarmaProm + PEX PharmaSequence Doctors Segmentation is a list of doctors who represent the highest potential in terms of client-defined disease entity.


Segmentacja lekarska FarmaProm

FarmaProm & PEX PharmaSequence

By synergising FarmaProm’s and PEX PharmaSequence knowledge and resources we were able to produce the best product available on the market.

We identify the potential

We will get you to the most potential doctors and minimize the number of ineffective visits.

The data we offer on doctors, divided into segments, allows you to precisely tailor the visits of your sales representatives. For instance, you may choose to use a four-segment breakdown, with each segment representing 25% of the total potential.

Doctors Segmentation has a significant impact on the effectiveness of promotional tools, i.e.: direct marketing activities (SMS, MMS, mailing campaigns), inviting the right people to congresses/training sessions.

Project outcomes may be expressed as a number of:

  • prescriptions
  • patients
  • packages

Additionally, we can indicate the flag:

  • initiation
  • swich

Strategic data

As part of the introduction to or extension of segmentation we also offer additional project-based elements, i.e.:

  • verification of company’s current targeting;
  • fine-tuning of the number of sales reps’ areas of operation, with consideration of high-potential areas;
  • licence-based access to daily-updated FarmaProm Doctors Database and FarmaProm CRM.

Currently, our Doctors Database is used by some 3300 medical sales representatives from 67 pharmaceutical companies.

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