Pharmacies & pharmacy chains

Feature-rich technologies for pharmacists and network coordinators

We’re supporting and automating order handling services for pharmaceutical products and enable order status tracking. We provide access to: manufacturers’ offers, databases on pharmacies’ sales representatives and pharmaceutical wholesalers. We facilitate analyses and tailor-made reporting. Our offer also includes business services such as verification of on-line pharmacies and consultancy.

Pharmacies Platform (IT Pharmacy)

Accelerate creating and processing orders. Verify delivery correctness on a system level. Analyse stocks, sales, and purchases. Use a single app to connect pharmacies and pharmacy chains with manufacturers and wholesalers.

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Using the potential of common applications such as Microsoft Excel and Google Data Studio, we’ve created environment for convenient analysis of gathered data.

OLAP Module

Get to know our analytics and gain access to our data warehouse. Use the app and commonly available solutions such as Microsoft Excel to quickly and flexibly generate reports tailored to your needs. It’s a powerful tool for multiple kinds of analyses.

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Dedicated Data Warehouse

This is a tool that allows you to conveniently analyse your data. This data such as stocks, purchases, or sales (broken down according to e.g. your pharmacies, time, or suppliers) can be presented using Google Data Studio. As a result you get easily downloadable, advanced analyses shown in an accessible manner. We’ll also provide you with specially designed data models that will serve as a basis for your analyses.

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Business Services

We complement our IT solutions with our knowledge and experience. We support and consult pharmacists both from individual and chain pharmacies.

On-line Pharmacies Verification 

Are you a member of an individual pharmacies’ purchasing group and you wish to build credibility? Use our on-line pharmacies verification to obtain a certificate confirming the membership of your pharmacy in an on-line chain. This way, you’ll become visible to manufacturers across our apps. It’ll also allow you to share your data with them.


We actively support deployment of our software. We carry out ordering process audits. We set up and coordinate deployment plans. We advise on process optimisation. We also supply market analyses complemented with our comments and recommendations.

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