Pharmacies Segmentations

We track and update pharmacy market segmentation

Merging knowledge, ample data from multiple sources, and state-of-the-art machine learning technologies allows us to pin-point pharmacies that represent the highest sales potential in specific markets.

The potential of pharmacies and pharmacy chains

We deliver to the pharmaceutical market with Pharmacy Segmentations that provide, among other things, information on the potential of a pharmacy network. We offer tailor-made Segmentation According to Unique Requirements as well as segmentation delivered on a subscription basis.

Pharmacies Segmentation

Choose Pharmacies Segmentation if you’re searching for a product tailored to your needs.

  • Among other things, you can select the number of markets and product definitions in these markets.
  • You can choose to base the segmentation on your own information concerning chains or Chains According to FarmaProm.
  • You can select segmentation frequency (a one time service or a subscription)
  • You can freely define time intervals of the analysed data, as well as additional modules for analysis (visits, pharmacies’ potential, etc.).
Newer, faster, more available

Pharmacies Segmentation 3.0

Create plans, identify the potential of entities, monitor your performance and stay informed with the only subscription segmentation in the market delivered by SFA and CRM systems. We use the latest machine learning models to determine the potential of individual players. We can provide the most accurate pharmacy market segmentation in the country, based on Chains According to FarmaProm. You gain e-commerce channel analysis, among other things.

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