A system for comprehensive
contract management

Contracts allows online tracking of the degree of fulfillment of contractual arrangements between the manufacturer and the pharmacy chain. Easy access to reliable and up-to-date data allows you to better utilize the potential of pharmacies and make the right business decisions.


The solution will be ideal for KAMs, manufacturer headquarters and pharmacy chains. The tool completes the entire package of services that FarmaProm has been offering to the pharmaceutical market since 2006.

Key information center

FarmaProm Contracts provides comprehensive information on contractual arrangements from the areas:

Pharmacy shopping

Odsprzedaże z aptek do pacjentów (sell-out)

Resales from pharmacies
to patients (sell-out)

Distribution and minimum stock levels in pharmacies

Pharmacy displays
and their compliance with planograms

Control of the current situation and forecast

FarmaProm contracts illustrate the current situation. They inform how much is missing the targets and what is the forecast for the final completion of the contract.

The system monitors the required minimum stocks in pharmacies. In case of shortages of products in stock, a list of them is generated, which can be imported as an order into the Network Order Module.

Integrity with the FarmaProm system

  • Easy switching with the navigator.
  • One login for all applications.
  • Define contract network based on company network or network by FarmaProm.
  • Create contract product groups using brand definition by FarmaProm, group by FarmaProm.
Integralność z systemem FarmaProm

Business transparency in a modern way

  • Network partnership tool.
  • The same data visible to both contract parties, available online 24 hours a day.
  • Ability to modify mutually confirmed assumptions during the life of the contract as a reaction to changes in business conditions.
Transparentność biznesowa w nowoczesnym wydaniu

Verification of purchasing data from various sources

You gain transparency when dealing with networks. What specifically?

  • Verification of the level of compliance of the network’s purchasing data with the data from the FarmaProm system.
  • Automatic elimination of pharmacies and products reported by the network that should not be in the contract.
  • The ability to forecast the network’s contract purchases based on daily updated data from FarmaProm (prior to receiving the monthly Excel file).
Weryfikacja danych zakupowych z różnych źródeł

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