FarmaProm Contracts

Discover FarmaProm’s comprehensive contract management system!

Easy access to reliable data translates to better use of pharmacies’ purchasing potential. Contracts is a solution that builds on the chain data reporting process. This tools allows you and your business partners to trace the completion of contracts on-line.

The 4C Benefits

FarmaProm Contracts completes the array of services that FarmaProm has been delivering to the pharmaceutical market for almost 15 years. Our comprehensive support and reliable IT solutions have won us the trust of the majority of pharmaceutical companies.
For whom? This solution is a powerful tool for any KAMs, manufacturers’ HQs and pharmacy chains.


Mutual respect, trust, and full access to information. FarmaProm Contracts enable quick review of data available to both parties.

  • A tool for partnership collaboration with a chain.
  • Unlimited number of users along with delegation of authority.
  • Tool transparency: same data for both parties to the contract, available on-line 24/7.
  • Possibility to react to changing business environment and, upon the agreement of both parties, modify conditions while the contract is in effect.


Sets of up-to-date information in clear-structured on-line reports.

  • Coherent knowledge regarding conditions and completion of contracts available in a single spot.
  • Systemic data and analyses on contract realisation.
  • Hands-on control for KAMs, purchasing agents, as well as manufacturers’ and chains’ HQs.
  • Network management based on the Chains by FarmaProm database.


No limitations regarding data from different sources.

  • Data collected locally from pharmacies.
  • Data shared by chains collected centrally.
  • Smart import from Excel files and other manufacturers’ sources.


Information on current status of contract realisation complemented with calculations of likelihood of meeting quarterly / annual targets.

  • Forecasts regarding the degree of completion of contracts over time.
  • Automation of information generation process regarding the degree of completion of contracts, accompanied by information on values necessary for meeting particular contractual thresholds.

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