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We know how to measure sales efficiently

To be accurate, every decision needs to be supported with information gathered through cutting-edge tools. FarmaProm Analytics App is a convenient and efficient solution enabling quick preview of current sales results and visit-related activities on any device (i.e. desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones).

Aplikacja analityczna FarmaProm

Easy access for everyone

Full integration with FarmaProm platform allows all users to use the same method (the same username and password) of logging in to the Analytics App and to seamlessly navigate between the systems. The tool has been designed for maximum accessibility—even to those without expert analytical skills.

Tailor-made dashboard

The dashboard, i.e. the main page, features tiles with detailed data on sales and visit-related activities. A central administrator profile is fully enabled to customize dashboards. Thanks to its simplicity, the app offers a broad, precise, and quick analysis of performance of each representative, region, and line.

Aplikacja analityczna FarmaProm

Building trust

Use the app to track your performance on a timeline or compare it against the data from other people. Our analysis uses the benchmarking methodology. The data is identical for everyone, which not only translates into users’ greater trust and satisfaction with the database, but also into increased efficiency of the analyses.

Aplikacja analityczna FarmaProm

Control your progress in real time

Analytics App allows you to monitor your progress towards your objectives. This in turn enables you to take even more accurate decisions. The data in the app is refreshed every 1 hour, always keeping you updated.

Superfunctionalities with superuser

Untap Analytics App’s full potential with superuser functionalities such as:

  • creating and customising dashboards and managing dashboard names;
  • adding and removing widgets from the catalogue;
  • selecting widgets’ locations within dashboards;
  • managing filter names in particular widgets and adding additional information to the name (individual description for each widget)
  • generating data (.csv file) or taking a screenshot (.png file) with a single click.

Available filters include:

  • time – data analysis by months;
  • entities – medical and pharmaceutical;
  • visit status – broken down into planned and spontaneous visits;
  • targets – with the option to select or without selecting specific targets;
  • brands and products;
  • order status;
  • sales units (before discount, with discount, or number of packages);


Widgets catalogue

The catalogue is a set of ready-to-use widgets containing data on transactions and visits—broken down into medical personnel and pharmacies. We’re constantly expanding the tool and adding new widgets. You can use the available widgets to create dedicated dashboards and configure them according to your preference. Individual parameterisation allows you to quickly and effortlessly export all the data that you need.

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Pharmacy chain analytics

Chain widgets support sales data analysis based on entity (pharmacy or pharmacy network) data. This approach, which is quite new in an analytics application, allows quick access to data on both a general and detailed level.


Why is it worth it?
  • real-time tracking of results at the selected entity level (data update every 1 hour);
  • the possibility of creating your own dashboards and configuring data filtered according to your needs;
  • benchmarks – an option to instantly compare results to reference points from different perspectives, e.g. time, team;
  • control of goals and the level of their realization;
  • analysis after promotion cycles as well as after months;
  • possibility to analyze the overall sales to the network within the line;
  • export of dedicated dashboards as well as individual widgets – the possibility of effective preparation for meetings / business talks;
Thanks to the analytical application, you will find answers to the following questions, among others:
  • What is the current sales value of ongoing orders in network X?
  • On what average discount do I currently work in chain X?
  • What is the status distribution of orders in progress in the X chain?
  • What is the current sales volume by individual brands in the X network?
  • What is the dynamics of sales changes over time in the X network?


FarmaProm Analytics App Key Advantages

Export data

The App allows you to export data in various formats, such as csv or jpg.

Access wherever you are

Whenever you want. Analyse data directly on your phone or tablet.

Filter and sort

Select the parameters you need and get all the data on your transactions and visit-related activities.

Safety and security

Manage access levels and edit individual settings.

Research and development

We’re systematically expanding our widget catalogue.

Anything else you would like to know? Feel free to contact us.
We’ll be happy to discuss the benefits of our Analytics App and all of its versions.

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