Dedicated Reports

Reports tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry

We design and develop fully automated reports. We prepare ETL tools and processes that support data acquisition from external sources for our reports.

Dedykowane raporty


Each report is custom tailored by us. We can develop them as dedicated dashboards built on available BI tools, such as: Power BI, Google Big Query, or Google Data Studio. Reports can also be drawn up in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Our team of highly skilled professionals offers full analytical support not limited to design and deployment, but also later, throughout the post-implementation stages. The data we integrate originate from multiple sources.

Data integration areas


We integrate all data received by manufacturers from wholesalers. These include sales data, as well as information on wholesalers’ product stocks and settlements of discounts and promotions. We develop reports for settlements both on central and sales representatives’ levels. Since they integrate data from the wholesalers with the data from FarmaProm system, the reports may be also used for settlements between manufacturers and wholesalers.


We combine data received by manufacturers from pharmacy chains. Among others, we integrate sales, shares, and stock data.
The integration covers both data that are sent in as files, e.g. in Excel format, as well as data received via fully automated means, directly from chains’ systems.


We integrate sales data that manufacturers receive from other sources. Sell in and sell out data received by manufacturers on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The scope of integration covers data both on national and operating areas level. Market data may be combined with data from manufacturers’ internal systems, such as exFactory sales. Apart from sales data, we integrate data from CRM systems used by manufacturers.


The data sent by manufacturers can be integrated with any data available in FarmaProm system (be it transaction or CRM data).
Additionally, to match manufacturers’ individual needs, we can implement a dedicated data warehouse, where a manufacturer can store all of their data.

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