Discounts Settlement

Verify orders for quantity and value inconsistencies

This service features comparative analysis of sales data from multiple sources that are put together in a single location. Analysis results are then presented in an accessible manner.

  • You can verify orders, taking into account any discrepancies in quantity or value of sold packages of particular product.
  • You can individually compare the value of offered discounts on entities side (individual pharmacies or chains).

What do you get?

Compare and clarify

Once a month you receive clear reports in flexible format that allows you to compare and sort out any discrepancies.

What is the scope of analyses?

  • Identification of orders processed by wholesalers that are not reflected in the FarmaProm system.
  • Detection of any differences in the number of sold packages of a given product.
  • Verification whether the wholesaler hasn’t accounted twice for a single order over time.
  • Analysis of wholesalers’ incorrect percentage discount calculations.
  • Verification of discrepancy ranges in particular products at the entity level (individual pharmacies or chains).
  • Verification whether wholesalers have presented doses correctly in the settlement, e.g. doses from other manufacturers.
  • Returns analysis.

Tailored reports

Reports are drafted in two modes:

  • Discount settlement by order numbers — reports designed for detailed settlements with wholesalers.
  • Discount settlement by entities — detailed reports designed for internal analyses at the level of pharmacies/chains (i.e. entities).
  • Shelf settlements – detailed reports for settling “shelf” promotions. Analyze the compliance of shelf billing with the so-called discount grid.

We also analyse discounts by months over time. This allows us to detect any irregularities in, e.g. settlement transitions between months.

What do you gain?

Discover the advantages of the solution

  • Fewer orders and entities to verify (down to 1% in the case of analysis by order numbers).
  • Information on what needs to be clarified with wholesalers — reports for wholesalers.
  • Returns analysis.
  • Orders’ conformity and nonconformity levels — after excluding transitions between months.
  • Data quality standardisation — which wholesalers can supply what.
  • Full practical support throughout the entire period of cooperation.

Got questions? We’re here to answer!

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