Increase the effectiveness of pharmacy visits

Where to get the Order

We indicate the pharmacies with the determination of the level of potentials and chances to place an order! Thanks to the technologies we create and the data we collect, we are creating the future of representatives’ work in Poland. Where to get the Order is a functionality in the SFA FarmaProm mobile system, created using, among other things, machine learning.

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Will artificial intelligence change the future of the pharmaceutical industry?

AI is entering our everyday life. In response to the changing world, we are creating a new solution that will save time and revolutionize the work of pharmaceutical representatives in Poland through the use of advanced technologies. We know how to increase the efficiency of representatives’ work, thanks to data, new technologies and comprehensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.

Machine learning and data to make sales teams more effective

With the technologies we create and the data we collect, we are creating the future of representatives’ work in Poland. Where to Order is a functionality in SFA FarmaProm’s mobile system that increases the effectiveness of each representative’s visit to a pharmacy. The application will indicate pharmacies along with the level of potentials and chances for the representative to place an order.

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Time to change your approach to work planning


Based on advanced machine learning algorithms, a huge amount of data, our knowledge and expertise, every day we create a database of pharmacies labeled with two parameters: the chance of placing an order and the potential of the pharmacy.


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New dimension to work planning with qualitative pharmacy data

To take advantage of Where to get the Order, the key is (in addition to mobile FarmaProm) a work scheduling approach based on:
  • shifting from the need to “freeze” visit plans every week,
  • matching plans to visit objectives,
  • increasing the freedom of representatives by monitoring the ratio of visits planned to made spontaneously (e.g., 50/50).

Key Benefits of Where to get the Order

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Data at hand

The information is located in various places in the application (lists, planner, pharmacy card), and can be used at any time.

Apteki z potencjałem

Pharmacies with potential

Every day, your representatives can select and visit the pharmacies that have the highest potential (new filter).

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Targeted visits

You can increase the effectiveness of representatives’ visits through more targeted outreach and knowledge of pharmacy potential.

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