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Mobile FarmaProm provides key functionality in useful app

The intuitive application streamlines the work of pharmaceutical and medical representatives. They can report site visits in real time and place orders. The Mobile App provides constant access to the database of doctors and pharmacies, which enables multiple functionalities.

SFA and CRM are just the beginning

AI in the pharmaceutical industry

Discover the Pro Pharmacy concept and the capabilities of Image Recognition

PRO Pharmacy is a new dimension in automated image analysis. The concept was developed by combining the knowledge and years of market experience of FarmaProm and PRO.Display. The system monitors exposure quality and activity executions based on artificial intelligence (Image Recognition) and photos. It improves the efficiency of representatives, enhances customer service and optimizes assortment management.

PRO Pharmacy
Machine learning to support the sales force

Grow your business with Where to get theOrder service

Where to get theOrder functionality increases the effectiveness of representatives’ visits through more targeted outreach. The application pinpoints pharmacies along with determining the level of potentials and chances for the representative to place an order. This translates not only into time savings for representatives, but also financial benefits for the company.

Where to get the Order

Deliver interactive CLM presentations to doctors and pharmacists

The Mobile App has an integrated CLM module. This functionality allows multimedia materials to be presented during a representative’s visit to a doctor or pharmacist. Thanks to the attractive form of the message, it allows to collect data and better manage customer relations. As a result of detailed analysis, subsequent information messages can be prepared more precisely and effectively.

Mobile App


Available for iOS and Android


Adapted for phones and tablets

Available 24/h

Allows offline work with the option of later online synchronization


Allows for work in the field


It is constantly being improved

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