Pharmacies and pharmacy chains

Pharmacies Platform (IT Apteka)

We’ve developed a platform that allows you to create orders for your pharmacies more easily and conveniently than ever before. The app is tailored to the requirements of both pharmacy chains and purchasing groups. Its key functionality is the Network Orders Integrator. It guarantees better collaboration with drug manufacturers and grants easier access to their offers.

Platforma dla aptek FarmaProm

With a view to pharmacies

Multi-benefits for pharmacy chains

The application enables integration of data from pharmacy programs, creating direct communication with pharmacies (ideal solution for chains), efficient and quick analysis of the collected information.

By using the pharmacies platform you gain:

  • optimised and clear process for handling orders;
  • analysis of stocks, sales, and purchases;
  • possibility to create promotion campaigns for your pharmacies;
  • possibility to conclude pharmacy orders at pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Become integrated with hundreds of manufacturers

Without a doubt the main advantage of IT Apteka is the automatic selection of the best discounts. You will also gain access to our Network Orders Integrator that facilitates and shortens the process of ordering.

Network Orders Integrator
Integrator zamówień sieciowych FarmaProm

Shipment control, i.e. secure distribution

Shipment control, i.e. secure distribution
Discover the shipment control module that assists you in the final stage of ordering process, i.e. throughout the verification of the shipment and the order. The system will automatically analyse whether what you receive is in fact what you’ve ordered. This in turn will allow you to quickly check for any inconsistencies and contact the wholesaler.

Shipment control
Kontrola dostaw platforma dla aptek FarmaProm

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