Shipment control

Make sure that ordered products match those delivered.

We know that the process of ordering doesn’t end once the order is sent to the wholesaler. Its final stage is the shipment and verification. That’s why we offer you the shipment control module that’ll automate this step.


Our solution allows coordinators to quickly and efficiently verify whether products ordered via FarmaProm IT Apteka platform match those received.

We track three parameters:

  • quantity
  • expiry date
  • price


Save time

Automated shipment verification in regard to quantity, price, and expiry dates.

Save money

Precise order summary accompanied by information regarding the value of the complaint and its proportion that has been recovered.

Better control

Full set of information that gives you hands-on control over shipments.

Quick and easy complaints

Generate complaints quickly and verify their status effortlessly.

One-stop shop

Access the tool directly from the FarmaProm IT Apteka panel.

Got questions? We’ll be happy to help.

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