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Network Orders Integrator

We know for a fact that the ordering process may be long and arduous. What we also know is how to make it short and simple. At FarmaProm we’ve developed the Network Orders Integrator as part of the IT Apteka platform. Below we’ll explain how it works and how it can benefit your daily work.

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How it works?

A representative of a pharmaceutical company meets with a network coordinator. During the meeting the principles and the details of collaboration are set. Such meeting will also often conclude with determining the needs of a given pharmacy chain. But what about the order? It’s often generated during the visit, but it requires quite a lot of time.

Integration in the system

Upon setting the terms, the representative of the manufacturer creates an offer in the FarmaProm app. They share it with the network coordinator who can now access it via IT Apteka application.
The benefits of online solution are:

  • quicker order processing;
  • oversight over sent orders;
  • security of terms;
  • substantial savings in time;
  • shorter negotiations path;

Order processing

The IT Apteka digital ordering platform, along with the Integrator, make it unnecessary for the coordinator to collect orders from pharmacies within a chain. Instead, the system will suggest them automatically, using algorithms that, among other things, use stocks and sales levels to calculate suggested quantities for particular orders. Later, at their convenience, the coordinator places the order on behalf of the chain, in line with current needs.

Full process automation

  • the algorithm analyses stocks, sales, the potential, and the needs on ongoing basis to suggest the right quantities, breaking them down into particular pharmacies within a chain. This allows for quicker preparation of orders that reflect actual needs;
  • the system automatically calculates the discount (in line with the rules set up by the manufacturer) guarantying security and control over the process;
  • Network Orders Integrator gives you the possibility to select wholesalers and suggests the cheapest offer. It also allows you to systemically negotiate the prices and to process the orders automatically via FarmaProm, directly at the wholesaler.

Keep track of your orders online

The coordinator tracks orders from the moment they’re sent until their reception (via changing status to new, in process, delivered, etc.), thus gaining full control over the course of the process.

FarmaProm key benefits of the Network Orders Integrator include:

Process automation

Security of terms

Speed of delivery

Time savings

Control over sent orders

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