Remote Visits

We know how to reach doctors and pharmacies

In FarmaProm CRM system we have created a module for remote visits. The tool comprehensively supports our customers in relations with doctors and pharmacists. It also allows for convenient and fast acquisition of consent for marketing contact.

Meeting with a doctor or pharmacist online

Advances in technology are redefining the format of how medical and pharmaceutical representatives interact with the medical and pharmaceutical community. Remote visits allow you to build relationships without the need for face-to-face meetings. Additionally, thanks to full integration with FarmaProm CRM, the full history of contacts with customers is available.

One CRM system, multiple forms of communication

The remote visits module allows representatives to conduct online visits with physicians and pharmacists who can connect with them via computer, phone or tablet. The tool is intuitive and convenient to use and, most importantly, records the history of contacts with customers directly in the FarmaProm CRM. We have designed the module in such a way that its use additionally supports the process of obtaining approvals for this form of contact with the medical and pharmaceutical community.

FarmaProm CRM Remote Visits key benefits are:

Relationships with doctors not only at F2F visits

Single FarmaProm CRM (full track record of contacts with clients)

No additional integration, IT not required

Simplicity (just a single check-box)

Safe remote contact

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