Are we witnessing a new genre being born? I hope so.

This „IT/DevOps novel” might feel painfully familiar to anyone in IT business, but it offers consolation. The problems one might face in his organization are not unique. And there is way out of a maze. In „The Phoenix Project” Bill gets a promotion. And he has 3 months to fix workflow in the company or the game’s over.

the phoenix project 2

We, as the readers, get a chance to observe effects of his simple ideas put into action. Being able to see Bill’s chain of thoughts, as he transforms and cleans mess around him, is eye-opening.

For me it felt like logical, (almost) mathematical proof of Kanban and reasoning behind it. And there is much more than Kanban in those pages. It’s about factory-like workflow from Development to Operations with pace dictated by constraints, short feedback loops and culture that promotes experimentation and creativity. And the best part – after few pages I realized that I’m not reading a work of fiction. It’s as real as it gets.

Highly recommended – when it comes to understanding your IT surroundings, this book is second to none.

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fot. Mateusz Kamiński