Everything starts with a dream

On Monday, January 30th 2006, FarmaProm has begun their operations. Today – and throughout the year – we celebrate this anniversary. 10 years ago, we aimed high.

With our heads in the clouds we dreamed, we had faith and hope. With determination, hard work and the support of good people, we have changed the Polish pharmacy market, making it the era of modern technology.

Pharmacy in harmony with nature

In 2006, we saw the inefficiency in a flow of pharmaceutical orders. We said: no more faxes in pharmacy. Concerned about the environment, we decided to reduce the number of documents that were sent in paper form. Using digital technologies as a modern way of communication with distributors. We estimate that, together with you we have saved 5,000 trees already.

The first Poles in pharma-space


We have set a challenging mission: a technological revolution in pharmacy. Today, after 10 years of activity, in addition to our headquarters in Krakow, we operate in offices in Poznan and Myslowice. We create a full-range of IT solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacies. Acting together, we can make even more.

For better work

In 2010 we created a mobile application IZI that have changed work of pharmaceutical representatives forever. We made work easier for thousands of people that save their time and anywhere and anytime they can keep their finger on the pulse.

We are exploring all systems

We are focus on comprehensive solutions. Our applications run on three systems: Android, iOS, Windows. We were the first company in Poland, which created applications for pharmacy on Android and Windows.




The numbers that cure

102 000 doctors – the number of people in our database. Providing access to them, we enable the best way to reach the patients.

14 500 – the number of pharmacies in Poland. All of them are in our database.

We give our work meaning

Every day we facilitate the work of about 12 000 people. That’s a number of people who are using our solutions every day.

In safe hands

We serve 150 customers. Each of them can count on our advisers. They advises, answer questions, solve problems and help with the ongoing work.

Endless development

In 2006, our platform has processed 614 orders. In 2015 there were 7.5 million. We wish ourselves, and you, further increases.

We grow with you

In 2006 FarmaProm consisted of 3 employees. Today, our board is close to 100 exceptional people.

More than a job

We value your balance. Not only between professional and private, but also at work. By creating the future of IT solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, we also want to contribute to the future of the world. And children are our future therefore we try to support them. In 2013, we funded an orphanage in Cameroon. We also help children in Polish orphanages. During the holidays the whole FarmaProm team willingly engaged in the Noble Christmas pack.

Spreading joy is the source of our strength.

Company with a mission

Our mission has been, is, and will always be – support you in your daily work. Our mission has been, is, and will always be a positive impact on the world.
Because this ship is powered by a “space fuel” 🙂

-FarmaProm Team

P.S. Today we invite you to change the world with us. We have prepared several anniversary missions that will do some good. The first one will start with the beginning of spring. We hope that you will actively participate in them!