CRM and SFA tools

Planning and reporting of visits, ability to explore the history of meetings

Pharmacy CRM

CRM is a complete system for professional customer relationship management between wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies, individual pharmacies and networks.

It guides you to make the right business decisions.


people are using this solution every day


Sales Force Automation, is a system that automates the transfer of orders between manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies.

This solution allows parties to place orders electronically and verify all stages of their implementation.

Due to that you can easily import a network orders.

Medical CRM

Easy to use and flexible CRM that enables management and the building of relationships with the medical community (medical institutions and doctors etc.).
Customer Relationship Management allows you to schedule visits, meetings and presentations, and the reporting of results with the cooperation with your doctor.

All of this translates into developing the education of the medical community so that patients have the ability to access better and more effective therapies.

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